After ten years at my last start-up, I decided it was time to work on my own projects for a while. And thus was Sharp Stone Codewerks formed in the Fall of 2017. The idea was to develop my own products and fund this work with consulting. With over forty years in the industry, having worked for companies as big as Sun Microsystems, Cisco, and Rational to small start-ups in multiple focuses, consulting was an obvious and effective way to go.

The first product was Abstretta in 2017, a dynamic document driven approach to creating and publishing resumes. This core system eventually grew to include a mobile web interface, cover letters, activity tracking, and much more. It became a complete career support product.

In 2019 Bibliogrify was launched. This product is an online bibliography system for content creators that also features peer review.

I am currently developing the Wingate community system. This is a social media network for federated private networks which allows independent groups to form virtual social networks through bi-directional federation.

Sharp Stone is now focused on making these initial offerings commercially successful, while also tinkering with other concepts. There are currently four more products in various stages of development.

All products are writing in Ruby on Rails and hosted on Linux-based platforms. I have been developing in Rails since version 1.X days, back in 2006.