"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." — Arthur C. Clarke


  • Next from the Skunk Works: FORBUS

    I’ve put Wingate on temporary hiatus while I work on the next big piece of that project: Bidirectional Federation. Wingate as a standalone community service is coming along nicely, but the real power - the real end game - was to allow communities to share channels between themselves. In effect, allow communities to create their own Virtual Social Networks. Most current federation solutions are more like “RSS On Steroids” - FORBUS hopes to make it possible for subscribers to post data back to publisher instances.

  • Wingate Enters Beta

    “Wingate” has now entered beta release! This release represents well over a thousand hours of development and several rounds of re-thinking how to build a system capable of multiple content behaviors. It support six kinds of content channels: Timeline (Twitter-like), Forum, Link Sharing, News Sharing, Blog, and Gallery (Instagram-like).

  • Book Announcement: "Different Things Vary"

    I’ve committed to myself to finish a book that I’ve been taking notes on for a few years. “Different Things Vary” reflects the experiences and techniques I’ve gathered from four decades as a developer in the Tech Industry. It will cover everything from coding techniques to going out on your own as a freelancer or entrepreneur, as well as getting into management, and the lifestyle of an engineer.

  • Jekyll Site Redux

    In preparation for things coming in 2020, the company site has been rebuilt on top of Jekyll. This makes it easier to do updates and post news.