“Wingate” has now entered beta release! This release represents well over a thousand hours of development and several rounds of re-thinking how to build a system capable of multiple content behaviors. It support six kinds of content channels: Timeline (Twitter-like), Forum, Link Sharing, News Sharing, Blog, and Gallery (Instagram-like).

This spring the entire system has been re-coded to use TailwindCSS and the new Turbo JavaScript package for doing asynchronous DOM updates. This makes it behave much better on mobile platforms, as well as be more flexible when it comes to making sweeping UI changes. Turbo and Stimulus-Reflex allows for App-Like performance within a browser without having to maintain a complex front-end stack. In addition, this approach means no structured data is stored on the remote device - just encrypted DOM fragments transmitted across ActionCable.

Right now I’m looking for some Angel investors so I can work on this full time. So feel free to hit me up on the “Contact” link at the bottom of the site if you know someone who might be interested. I should have some demo accounts rigged shortly to allow investors or interested parties to log in and see what the system is all about.